Souljah Movement

Souljah Movement

Kommen aus: Wilhelmshaven
Spielen am: 05.08.2017
Spielzeit: 23:45 – 00:15 Uhr



Souljah Movement was founded by Selecta Herbalist Souljah in the summer of 2012 and played the first Dance in Zetel, Germany. Meanwhile the Sound was also represent in Lisbon Portugal.

On the journey of Souljah Movement Selecta Herbalist played with a lot of friends together in several cities like Cologne, Dortmund, Cuxhaven, Bremen and Oldenburg. Since 2016 the Sound belongs to Wilhelmshaven in the north of Germany and established a regular dance in the Club called Kling Klang.

The Movement is specialised in juggling but besides the entertainment on stage, the sound is spreading its vibes also through Mixtapes and Dubplates.